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This is my online e-portfolio of learning during the educational technology master's program at the University of Connecticut (UCONN).

The pages are interlinked and accessible by a variety of methods. You could search by requirements (left side bar), Courses (right side bar) or topics (also right side bar).

My Personal Teaching Philosophy

Teaching requires work that gives great rewards. I believe all students can learn. As a teacher I must help students realize they can learn what I have to teach them. I have an opportunity to touch many lives while teaching math or chemistry. In motivating my students, I can teach them many life skills guided by state and district-mandated curricula.

Our schools are becoming increasingly diverse with students from a variety of backgrounds. I believe this diversity richly adds to all students’ education. Every student brings something valuable to a classroom. I must learn what each student brings and use it to help all students so we all may gain from the classroom experience.

My Ed Tech History

                I began teaching six years ago in a very different environment. As I've moved from school to school and state to state I have seen the impact different environments have upon students, especially with regards to technology.

My 5 personal goals are as follows

  1. I will research and order DSL for my home. I will be comparing different speeds vs. cost for the best deal for my personal use. My major source of information will come from www.dslreports.com
  2. I will research and decide which PDA would serve me the best, including the differences between brand and operating system (Palm vs. Windows Mobile). I will be doing research online and by visiting retail stores. I plan to buy the PDA toward the end of the semester or beginning of next semester.
  3. I will design and upload a web page for my students showing current topics and ways of contacting me. I have been informed of space available for me on our district website and want to learn to utilize this space. I will be networking among my peers (other teachers and the IT department) to learn the steps needed to accomplish this.
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